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Sweetcorn, Potato and Ginger Soup (with vegan option)

Sweetcorn, Potato and Ginger Soup (with vegan option)

I’m not a lover of sweetcorn but that doesn’t stop me cooking with it. This recipe has been taste-tested by two sweetcorn lovers and given the thumbs up. The sweetness of the corn is offset by salty smoky bacon, fragrant basil and hot sriracho sauce. For a vegan version swap crispy fried shallots for the bacon. Serves 2.

150g fresh or frozen sweetcorn kernels
225 g floury potato (one medium baking potato)
2 heaped tsp powdered ginger (or 2 tbsp grated ginger)
1 tsp powdered turmeric
600ml (approx.) of water or milk/water mix
6 baby sweetcorn
6 rashers of smoked streaky bacon
One large bunch of fresh basil leaves only (approx. 50g)
200ml vegetable oil or olive oil.
Sriracho sauce (or your choice of chilli sauce)
Salt to taste


  • Chop the potato into small chunks and boil for 20 mins in salted waster. Add the sweetcorn a few minutes before the end of the cooking.
  • Drain the potato and sweetcorn. Add 300 ml of water (or a mix of milk and water), the ginger and turmeric.
  • Blend the mixture (I used a stick blender). Add more water or water/milk mixture until you achieve the consistency you want. I used another 300ml of water. Add salt to taste.
  • To make the basil oil blanch the basil leaves in boiling water for 1 minute. Drain on kitchen paper, add to the oil and liquidise (I used a stick bender).*
  • Grill the bacon until crisp. Drain on kitchen paper and break into pieces.
  • Cut 3 baby sweetcorn in half lengthwise and the remaining 3 into coins, crossways. Using a dry, ridged griddle pan, cook the corn pieces on each side until charred.
  • Add the charred baby sweetcorn pieces to the soup and heat through.
  • Pour the soup into bowls. Add the bacon and drizzle each bowl with the basil oil and sriracho sauce.

*Basil oil will keep for several weeks.

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