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Review: DeLonghi Rotofry F28311

DeLonghi Rotofry F28311

I initially looked at the Tefal Actifry however I found it to be unsuitable as I fry battered foods quite a lot.

So I went for the DeLonghi Rotofry which I had to buy mail order from Bangkok as it was unavailable locally. I have now had the appliance for around 12 months. The cost was Bht 4,500.00 (around US$ 160.00 at the time).

My first observation upon opening the box was that it was fitted with a European type plug which were made illegal in Thailand 5 years before (see image below).

My first experiment was fish and chips. The cooking process for the chips went quite well, the rotating basket causing the chips to alternate in and out of the hot oil. It is advisable to “dry” the potatoes first. However, I doubt if it would be quite as efficient if cooking for more than one person. Obviously for battered fish, I had to remove the basket but the results were quite good. The “bowl” is Teflon coated so nylon utensils are required.

So, my first efforts were successful and produced adequately fried foods.

DeLonghi Rotofry F28311


1. The model which I have does not have any way of removing used oil without turning the whole appliance upside down.

2. The carbon filter needs replacing after 15 uses. DeLonghi (Thailand) don’t stock replacements, DeLonghi (USA) only ship to USA and Canada, and DeLonghi (UK) say that the filters have been discontinued.

3. The two screws which hold the basket lift mechanism to the appliance are not stainless steel and are starting to rust already.

4. Customer Service through the DeLonghi website offer no service whatsoever.

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