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Philips HD 4746 Multicooker

Philips HD 4746 Multicooker

The initial plan was to buy a slow cooker but I came across this Philips slow cooker/multicooker.

The manual is in English (and Korean, Bahasa Indo, Bahasa Malayu, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese) but it has been badly translated (into English).

The bowl has a liquid capacity of 1.80 litres which is adequate for 4 – 6 portions of most stews, chilies, congees, pau fans and 8 portions of rice. It is removable and Telfon coated which prevents food sticking and also makes it very easy to clean. We could have used it for an everyday rice cooker but it is very rare that we cook rice for more than two people so it is too large.

Philips HD 4746 Multicooker

We have used the appliance a few times for chili, curry and roast potatoes and the results were very good. Unfortunately the slow cooker facility has a maximum cooking time of 4 hours (6 hours would have been more useful).

The control display is LCD which makes it difficult to read in daylight, LED would have been better. The procedures require a little “trial and error” practice because of the badly translated manual.

The appliance is solidly built but is fitted with a European style plug (which is banned in Thailand) on the end of a detachable lead. It also comes with a nylon steamer tray, plastic spoon and spatula and it has fuzzy logic.

We paid Bht 3.000.00 (US$ 85.00) for it mail order about 18 months ago.

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