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Cookadoodle is aimed at encouraging more foodies, cooks and chefs like you to get creative and develop your food and cooking knowledge and skills.

Our contributors are all enthusiastic cooks and food lovers who want to share their experiences to help motivate you to cook, bake and share more of what you like in the kitchen. They’ve created more hot dinners than the proverb, and are more than happy to help you to learn, experiment, taste, test and expand your cooking know-how.

Cookadoodle is our opportunity to help you get more involved in cooking, baking, and meal making and to take those steps from recipe ideas to “compliments to the chef”.

Can I submit articles or ideas to Cookadoodle?

No, sorry, we don’t accept outside submissions of any kind. Our content comes directly from our cooking community members and we will not respond to any unsolicited submissions.

What if I have feedback on a Cookadoodle article?

Please send all concerns to [email protected]. Cookadoodle cannot guarantee a response to any feedback to its content.

How can I contact Cookadoodle?

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